Technical Details

Driver Units

1DD + 2BA


1% @ 1000Hz


104dB @ 1mW


24 Ω



Customer Reviews

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Demetrious Hawkins
Amazing Sound Quality

I am a huge fan of wireless and Bluetooth earbuds and headphones. I don't really spend much time looking at wired devices (although I enjoy a good budget set of IEMs) because I feel like they won't last very long because I would damaged the cable in some way and then one side won't work and it would totally destroy my listening experience. I have to say that this set of wired earphones completely blew all my expectations away! They came very well packaged and the earphones are very well constructed. The detachable audio cables are very sturdy and well made and deliver very clean signals to both sides of the earphones. I paired these with a lossless hi-fi player I use and listened to some FLAC files and I was blown away. The sound quality is amazing with the bass and the treble being present without being overbearing. The mid range was also present and everything blended and worked well together. They helped my music sound like the way it was meant to be heard. I would recommend these to anyone wanting to really enjoy listening to music again.

Tony N
Why I cant trust most YouTubers

I heard about this set about a month or two ago by a YouTuber and he had some good things to say about this set so I was more than excited to order these and test them out for myself. Upon receiving them I was so shocked to see how nice they were packaged. The unboxing experience was really nice as Ive never seen another iem company package something under a few hundred dollars so well. Comes with a usb c to 3.5mm adapter and some extra tips. The wire is mmcx and is well built and feels good to use.
Now onto the title of this review. Some reviewers said this set is low quality sounding and ear piercing treble. I found these claims to be incorrect and the Star City 5 Pro sounds great and I actually prefer it over most of my sub $100 iems. The Star City 5 and the 7hz Sonus is what I believe the best sub hundred dollar iems. I like this set slightly more than the simgot 500lms. The Rose Technics QuiteSea are also a good set but I prefer the Star City more as they sound like they have more treble extension and sounds fuller in the high end. The bass on the Star City 5 is good but definitely not boomy or bass head level. People who like a more balanced sound without muddy bass and clean treble will like this set. I also recommend these for gaming as well as the 7hz Sonus. I do wish the cable had a mic as I do a lot of calling and talking in games while wearing iems. You cant go wrong with this set and it completely blows the recently released kiwi ears x crin singolo out of the competition. Kiwi ears can take a lesson from Rose Technics on how to properly package a product and give customer a quality product thats actually worth the price. Overall I recommend these iems and think youll like them!

THESE are the Roseselsa IEMs I was hoping for!

This is my third Roseselsa product, and the first two left me kind of unimpressed to be honest. They all have their strong points, and the Rose Technics QuietSea had an awesome accessory set for the low price they sell for. But sound-wise, they just weren't my cup of tea (too mids-forward).

This pair, though, changed all that. I LOVE the sound of these. Slightly more V-shaped, punchy bass with zero bloat, crisp highs, and mids thatto my earsare just right.

The cable is great; better than most IEMs at this price level, and they come with a pretty decent two-piece circular case. They even came with a USB-C dongle DAC, which I wasn't expecting. It sounded good to me, too.

They're easy to drive, and sound great on my phone, iPad, MacBook, and Fiio BTR5 and BTR3K.

I've been out of the high-end IEM game for a couple years, so I can't say how these compare in value to other budget IEMs. But I know I'm keeping these and using them as my new go-to IEMs.

fantastic bass thump and sound isolation

The included cable is a very nice all black colorway. I dig the subdued aesthetic of the matte black connectors also. The cable resists tangling and has comfortable earhooks. I am able to get a good seal with the small-size included eartips. It feels like a deeper insertion than some of my other IEMs which means that the isolation from outside sound is excellent! The look of the IEM shells is really cool although I wish they had gone with a black cover plate instead of the shiny silver one. Still one of the coolest looking IEMs in my small collection though. The shell shape fits my ears well with no hotspots or discomfort. The shell is very lightweight which makes them feel very secure and non-fatiguing to wear for a long time.

Bass is super punchy but not always the clearest/cleanest. I feel like for me this set sacrifices some clarity and separation for a boomy impact. So if you are ok with that and are more about the thump than a super analytical set you will probably enjoy these. I really like the Rose Technics Star City for listening to electronic music but find myself wanting to get out my planar driver IEMs for better texture and details when relaxing and listening to laid back acoustic folk music.

The fantastic bass thump in electronic music along with the phenomenal outside sound isolation I get with these means I have started using them as my go-to IEMs to focus while coding.

J. P. Hann
Affordable Performers

The Rose Technics Stary City 5 Pro IEMs are fantastic performers for their price point.

The package feels premium, with a magnetically latched box containing a foam insert cradling the IEMs and a case, with the manual hiding underneath. Inside the case youll find a lightweight braided cable and some silicone ear tips, along with a USB-C adapter - basically everything you need to start listening.

One note - I own both the Star City 5 Pro and the Star City 5 Pro R1, and have been unable to find any differences between the two, though they have separate listings. Specs appear to be the same, sound is identical, and package contents are indistinguishable. As such, you might want to price both.

Assembly is simple, and they sound good out of the box. They are easy to drive - the included dongle will get the job done - but if you have a DAC/amp, they really benefit from the additional power. These IEMs provide a great soundstage, excellent detail, and impressive dynamics. The low end has impressive presence, with smooth transitions up into the mids, and highs that are clean without being exhausting. The detail is particularly impressive - I was enjoying the stereo insanity in Bowies Moonage Daydream, while Billie Eilishs Lunch was a playground of layers and textures.

Depending on your ears, you may find the sound lacking with the included tips - they provided almost no bass response for me. This was quickly remedied by some memory foam tips, which rounded out the sound beautifully.

If you are looking to explore IEMs for the first time, or want an affordable pair, the Star City 5 Pro should delight you.