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Decent set of earbuds at an excellent price

I'm not one to be picky about ear buds or sound quality - as long as I can hear and sing along, and as long as they don't fall out of my ear - I'm good. These Rose Technics do just that - give me good sound quality and remain securely in my ear. My husband, on the other hand, is more particular about sound quality and has a more trained ear, he did not like the sound of these, mentioning that there could be more bass and that the sound could be fuller. Even with the different audio effects - HIFI/ POP/ ROCK - he did not like them. So I'd say these are a decent set of earbuds but may be lacking to those who have more of a trained ear.

As for appearance, these buds look slick with their all-black box, chargeable case and buds. They come with several different ear covers to accommodate for different ear sizes, but the ones that were already one the ear buds worked well for me. These say noise-cancelling but I don't feel like they truly are noise canceling as I've found it a little more difficult to hear when in a noisy environment.

Overall, these ceramic earbuds are very well-priced for what you get.

Grumpy Finn
Very cool set earbuds w/great sound, longlife battery (questionable noise-cancelling?) BUY IT!

- Documentation (5/5): Small instruction brochure included. Product matched sellers Amazon description exactly.

- Functionality (4/5): I love em! Ive been using these almost every day for over a month, and only recharged them once. The sound is on par with name-brand products Ive purchased before, and while the controls are not as intuitive as far as pausing/advancing playback, you get used to it quickly. Ive used these in my woodworking shop, outside in 100-degree heat while mowing the lawn, and more. So much more comfortable over long-periods of time than my over-the-ear headphones I typically wear for maximum hearing protection around loud equipment. My only downgrade, and I hate to do it, is that the noise-cancelling functionality is not what I expected. Advertised to cut 90% of environmental noise, Im not so sure thats the case (but I didnt measure it with any suitable equipment, either).

- Quality (5/5): Very well-made and durable.

- Value (5/5): Priced well below market average, this is an exceptional value.

BOTTOM LINE (19/20): Buy these and enjoy great sound and long battery life, but if youll be using them around very loud equipment expect something less than fantastic noise-cancelling.

Very impressive Buds Worth more than I paid for them!

These are the best $79 for $24 buds. Ok let me explain these are $29 however they sound as good or better than other buds that cost $79 or more. I really am impressed with the sound quality of these buds. The highs, mids and bass are crisp and thumping. The tips provide very good sound isolation almost to the level of other buds that include ANC which these buds do not have or at least is NOT mentioned in the supplied documentation. There is no mention of how to enable or disable ANC so it may just be enabled permanently, either way these buds do a very good job of blocking ambient sounds. The Amazon listing does mention "Dual HD mics with Environmental Noise Cancellation technology reduce 90% of environmental noise and produce crystal clear voice like face-to-face." but again there is nothing referring to ANC in the documentation.

These buds include a gaming mode I assume it enhances gaming sounds and provides some level of "3D Sound" again this isn't fully explained in the documentation. I also didn't test this as I don't have time for gaming, my twenties are long gone. However, they also include some EQ settings which is somewhat rare for buds to support this outside of an app control. I find that the Rock EQ gives me the best balance and deep rich bass without exploding my head.

The capacitive touch options on the buds are rather broad, more so than most other ear buds: play\pause, next\previous track, Vol up\down, voice assistant, Game Mode, Switch EQ mode and of course all the normal call connection features. As you can see this is a much broader feature set than most other buds support. The touch controls work fairly well however they are still prone to not register the intended control or perform the wrong function if you don't get the taps just right. The best implementation of touch controls that I've tested have been on the Wyze Buds Pro (which also have exceptional sound and ANC) but are in the $80+ range.

And finally... these are called Ceramics, no they aren't made out of ceramic but they do sport a nice satin kiln fired ceramic look. The also come in black, I've ordered the black ones as well. Can't have too many good ear buds in the stable you know.

Tammy W.
Quality earbuds

These ear buds are comfortable, and they come with 4 sizes of ear pieces to find one that fits best, most come with only 3 sizes. The case charges up easy with a USB C cord, and then it takes less than 30 minutes for the ear buds to charge up inside it.
Connecting and pairing up with our smart phone was very easy and quick. The sound is clear and crisp. Intuitive use of pressing the left or right for volume up and down, switching song tracks and picking up or hanging up with a call using either one is nice.
They have a fairly low profile in your ear. These are the smallest buds I've seen, smaller than my Galaxy ones, and no "tail" sticking out like the other popular ones, which I think is less chance of bumping them as you adjust your hair etc. and they fall out.
The charging case is small and compact but no place to add a string so don't lose it or put it in a silicone case? The noise cancellation is adequate but I didn't test it on a plane so I can't say how it is in a very drone noisy type of situation. The whole thing also came in a very nice black box with padding so keep that for transporting in luggage maybe? Overall, a very nice set of earbuds!

Impressive for the Price

I had never heard of Rose Technics (aka "ROSESELSA") before running across this listing for Rose Technics Ceramics, so I almost dismissed them without a second thought. However, in the crowded space of TWS earbuds where hot garbage is available at all price ranges, Rose Technics seemed different somehow, and I decided to give the Ceramics a try. I'm glad I did.

ROSESELSA sets out to impress right at the unboxing, with a protective storage case for the charging case. Nice. I ordered the "grey" colourway because I liked the tan (not grey) colour shown in the marketing images; the case and earbuds are in fact not grey, and I prefer them that way.

My ears are very forgiving of earbud shapes so I don't usually have issues with discomfort or poor fit, but it's worth noting that, while I'm typically just indifferent to earbud fit, I find the Ceramics to be very comfortable.

For all the positives above, where the Ceramics truly excel is in the sound department (as it should be for an audio product). The ROSELINK app provides three different EQ presets: HiFi, Rock, and Pop. While most $30 earbuds [in my experience] are usually a boomy/muddy mess, the Ceramics set out to be different. The HiFi preset is by far my favourite, providing a close-to-neutral sound profile with slightly recessed mids and slightly boosted highs. Despite the boosted highs, I do not find the overall sound to be piercing or fatiguing, and can listen to the earbuds until the batteries die. You shouldn't expect audiophile-level resolution out of the AAC codec on $30 earbuds, but these are hands-down the best TWS earbuds I've ever used at this price point, and they're detailed enough to provide a very crisp and satisfying musical experience. The Pop preset boosts the lows and highs, while the Rock setting seems to boost only the lows. I'm happy to spend most of my time with the HiFi preset, but the Rock setting adds the extra lows for a more fun experience with bass-heavy genres.

On to the technical stuff, the battery life on the Ceramics is decent for earbuds of this size. I can get 5 hours 45 minutes of playtime on a single charge with the volume at ~65-75%. The only potential negative I have found is that the max volume on these is lower than most other earbuds I've ever tried (as I point of reference, I usually listen at ~40-50% volume). I call this a "potential" negative because it hasn't had any real-world impact for me -- while I have to crank my volume slider up higher than usual to reach a certain sound level, even when using them in loud public spaces the Ceramics have always managed to get "loud enough," so their lower max volume has never posed a problem for me.

Do you have $30 to spend? Buy these and experience good sound on a budget.