Technical Details

Driver Unit

10mm DLC Dynamics

Audio Format



32 Ω

Output Power

15 mW



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Erin V
Very balanced sounding bluetooth earphones!

I am aI think these have to be the best most natural sounding earphones I've heard when either on their "hifi" or "pop" Equalizer settings. Pop doesn't have the imaging and separation that "hifi" has though, but sounds pretty close, I'm using the enclosed foam eartips too though so maybe silicone tips would make that gap less, I'm not for sure. I really love the sound on these though, they are so clear and if you want more bass it's there just change the EQ to "rock" or "pop" and one of those will have more than the next, I don't remember which order... You can hear callers amazingly well, but of every caller I've had, they've all said my voice sounds quiet and distant. I've made sure that I'm wearing them exactly as in the pictures and I'm speaking not any more quiet than usual and even talk louder to no avail. I've written support and they've said it's not on their current agenda to fix this, but maybe some time in the future... I also own the Rose Technic Ceramics and they've never once had anyone complain about not being able to hear me, exactly the opposite, they were to where I was usually hard to hear with just the phone to my ear and face and woth the Ceramics version no one once missed a word I said, so I was anxious to try these hoping for an even better or continued mic success. The sound is still continuing to be amazing and caller sound on my side is many times better so that much is very, very, very good. Thank you so very much for that. So if it is possible, please try to increase mic pick up volume so callers can hear us better or possibly offer tips for us use to improve the pick up, or maybe there's a setting I'm overlooking in android.

Thank you for, as always, great products! huge fan of wireless and Bluetooth earbuds and headphones. I don't really spend much time looking at wired devices (although I enjoy a good budget set of IEMs) because I feel like they won't last very long because I would damaged the cable in some way and then one side won't work and it would totally destroy my listening experience. I have to say that this set of wired earphones completely blew all my expectations away! They came very well packaged and the earphones are very well constructed. The detachable audio cables are very sturdy and well made and deliver very clean signals to both sides of the earphones. I paired these with a lossless hi-fi player I use and listened to some FLAC files and I was blown away. The sound quality is amazing with the bass and the treble being present without being overbearing. The mid range was also present and everything blended and worked well together. They helped my music sound like the way it was meant to be heard. I would recommend these to anyone wanting to really enjoy listening to music again.

Excellent Product

Amazing product - for the price you pay its incredible value. Sound is incredible, it fits well and mic is very clear. They provide 3 different silicon caps of varying size.

Pedro Perez
Awesome earbuds if it fits your ears

I wish it didn't hurt my ears, because it's honestly the best earbuds under $50. The sound quality is awesome!! Nice tuning

Great budget earbuds

Probably the best overall buds you can get until you spend a fair bit more money. Noise-cancelling is "okay", battery life is solid and sound punches well above the price bracket.

Best in this price

I Believe these will be hard to beat at this price.